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Hardly anyone does community service until the court forces them to do so. If you’re also required to do community service for court or school and feel that it’s too time consuming to fit into your hectic schedule, you’re at the right place. With Quick Service Community, you can earn up to 10 hours of community service for as low as $24.95. Up to 300 hours are available. All of the proceeds are donated to our nonprofit organizations.

Quick Service Community is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that is accepted by both courts and schools in the United States and Canada. So, you can be sure that you’re doing a community service that is recognized and acceptable at all levels.

How Our Online Community Service Program Works:

Service community program at Quick Service Community is designed to let you fulfill your community service requirements without wasting time, money and more importantly, in the comfort of your home.

-     Just register online and choose the number of hours for which you are required to do serve community.

-     Within few minutes of your registration and payment, we will send you an email with a downloadable eBook.

-     Take a short quiz about the ebook(s) you just read.

-     When done, we will issue a community service certificate with your name. Submit it and you're done!

Why Choose our Web-based Community Service Program?

Recognized Nationwide

We partner with nationally recognized non-profit organizations. The community service certificate provided by Quick Community Service is acceptable by courts, schools and all other institutions throughout the America.

User Friendly

All the community service programs being offered at Quick Community Service are 100% online with 24X7 access. These are designed by licensed experts so end users can complete them fast and conveniently.


We’re as affordable as you can think. We charge only $24.95 for your 10 hours of community service certificate.  Up to 300 hours of community service certificate is available.


We’re highly reliable. Since 2005, we have built the reputation of serving all types of community service certificate requirements easily, quickly and efficiently. If you’ve any questions for the community service programs offered by us, please don’t hesitate to make a call at (800) 413-7573. Thank you for your support!


  • 100% Online
  • 24/7 Access, Anytime!
  • Choose from 10 hours to up to 300 hours
  • Fast, Convenient, User Friendly
  • Nationally Recognized
    Not For Profit
  • Satisfy court ordered community service
  • Court Accepted
  • Notarized letter available
  • Great for school, resume
    or job requirement
  • FREE Ebook Software
  • Iphone/Smartphone-compatiable
  • Access My Account
  • Developed by Licensed Experts
Quick Community Service

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